Youth Concerto Competition

Audition Date: February 2019 (tbd)

General Information

The Pikes Peak Philharmonic hosts an annual competition for instrumental performers in the Pikes Peak area. This competition is open for students in grades 8-12 who are residents of El Paso or Teller County. The winner will perform a solo at the spring concert of the season with the Pikes Peak Philharmonic.

Please see the Competition Rules and Guidelines and Competition Score Sheet for audition information and requirements. It is our desire to encourage the best musicians of our area to develop and refine their abilities in their instruments’ repertoire. The Pikes Peak Phil focuses on developing musicianship and music appreciation among young people and strategically collaborates in the communities to that end. We encourage our young musician neighbors to consider registering below and begin preparing for this unique opportunity. For more information, please contact Rachael at or send us a message using our contact form.

Past Concerto Competition Winners

  • Emma Johnson (violin) – 2018
  • Jory Lane (violin) – 2017
  • Jessica Shand (flute) – 2016
  • Ethan Blake (cello) – 2015
  • Sarah Phillips (violin) – 2014
  • Nathanael Leavitt (violin) – 2013
  • Bryant So (violin) – 2012
  • Bryan Gannon (trombone) – 2011
  • Tonya Buettner (violin) – 2010
  • Josh Brewer (violin) – 2009
  • Paul Wright (piano) – 2008
  • Tom Giles (saxophone) – 2007
  • Sami Foster (piano), John Napier (violin) – 2006
  • Natalie Goble (piano), David Siegel (violin), Dan Foster (clarinet) – 2005
  • Rami Foster (piano), Laura Weiner (horn) – 2004
  • Sarah Smith (flute), Jessica Zhang (piano), Julie Meyer (violin), Jacob & Jeno Saghi (violin) – 2003
  • Aaron Perdue (flute), Michael Mccallum (trombone) – 2002
  • Annie Aderman (violin) – 2001
  • Alexander Tran (piano) – 2000